Mission & Vision


Being faithful to Jesus Christ and in fulfillment of His Missionary Mandate for the salvation of humanity, the Eparchy of Gorakhpur shall bear witness to the liberating presence of the compassionate and merciful God and thus facilitate the coming of His Reign in the hearts of all people whom every follower of Christ shall love and serve as children of the same God and hence, as brothers and sisters.


Through personal and communitarian testimony of its ministers, faithful and collaborators, by means of proclamation of the Word of God, Pastoral Care, Works of Charity, Education, Rural development ministry, Healing, Empowerment and Liberation of the marginalized thereby, promoting the creation of a Human Society founded on the values of justice, fraternity and peace.

Plan of Action

1. Build up the faith of the few Catholics we have and strengthen the spiritual life especially of the married couples, youth and children.
2. Create social awareness among people especially the exploited and helpless in society about their rights and dignity.
3. Empower the marginalized people especially the Dalits and women through the medium of self-help and economic development programmes.
4. Promote health awareness and health education highlighting prevention of diseases and acquisition of health habits.
5. Promote non-formal and formal as well as higher education especially of girls and women.

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